The Voyager Masterpiece - by Spiritual Master Free Spirit - Physical Ascension and Loving Star Beings

Spiritual Master Free Spirit experienced the love of ET’s from other planes of reality and through that contact, became healed of many things in this world and was able to travel throughout the Universe in his astral body, and to see the reality beyond the collapse of the biosphere – an immortal reality, immune to death, degradation, sickness and suffering – populated by loving ET’s that can enable some people to physically ascend prior to the collapse of the biosphere.

He understood that the love of these ET’s was the key to a Physical Ascension, and how higher dimensional ET love can enable an ascension once one has integrated astral reality into the physical reality.

His work is suited to advanced and evolved souls who understand they are at the end of their journey through karmic reality and who are called to the Path of Physical Ascension (aka The Voyager Path). Those who can ascend have the potential to transcend the human condition and be spared witnessing the collapse of the Earth’s biosphere.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit received the gift of prophetic awareness from his Star Beings and journeyed into the future, to see the collapse of the Earth’s biosphere and a time of extreme difficulty for the human race. After almost 10 years of working with these visions and healing the fear of death in the presence of love from another reality which he knows as SOURCE, he found the answer to the matter of the collapse of the Earth’s biosphere was Physical Ascension, assisted by loving ET’s from higher planes of existence, that advanced level students will be able to access and draw wisdom from.

These loving ET’s offer Immortality and Physical Ascension (ascension without death) for karmically purified individuals able to integrate and receive the love – and wisdom – of these ET’s, ultimately, with the aim of transcending death and suffering.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s Life Work including his Voyager book is a sharing of his multi-year contact with highly advanced immortal loving ET’s from other planes of reality, who offer opportunities for human beings to physically ascend at the end of their karmic journey.
In the presence of deeply loving Star Beings from Source, Free Spirit came to understand how the human race is in serious trouble and that it is only a matter of time before catastrophic climate change triggers  a massive human die-off.

His ongoing relationship with Star Beings and the Source has revealed to Free Spirit that it is possible to leave a dying biosphere as a fully-realized Voyager and not have to bear witness to the collapse of human civilization.

Voyager contains some of the purest and most refined spiritual teachings available anywhere on Earth in relation to Physical Ascension, Upper Astral Reality and the Truth about Loving ET’s.

Voyager is also one of the most expensive books on Earth, for reasons of the extreme value of refined spiritual awareness and is most suited for advanced souls with interests in either Physical Ascension and rare esoteric works, or for rare book collectors.

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