The Life Story of Spiritual Master Free Spirit

The Life Story of Spiritual Master Free Spirit is a candid sharing of his transformative journey from the Path of the Light-Worker to the Path of the Master.

He shares how he incarnated here from another world and how he overcame the challenges of being incarnated into this karmic sphere of learning known as Earth. He shares how he travelled the world in the name of love and healing for humanity and how ultimately he found a different path as a result of the extreme challenges that became manifest as a result.

His journey has taken him to many corners of the globe - from the Himalayas and the Andes - to Australia and the American Mid-West.

He shares how his emotional healing journey included near death experiences, astral experiences with Star Beings and a big dose of self-forgiveness. As a result he came to a deeper understanding with regard to forgiveness, love, compassion and the Truth.

His sharing is a testament to the challenges that come with speaking the Truth in this reality.

Free Spirit shares how karma works, how to stay out of the karmic amphitheatre and how to make serious spiritual progress in one’s life in order to become a non-returner to this 3D reality.

From the Introduction

This book is a profound, true and candid sharing of my life experience – written with the intention of bringing deep and powerful spiritual understanding into people’s lives. It is the sharing of the extreme challenges overcome in my own life in order to progress further on the spiritual path sufficiently enough to be able to bring through additional and refined levels of understanding for those aligned to the Master Path.

This work may be extremely challenging to some. The invitation is to move into a deeper space of healing and reflection as well as to ask ourselves serious questions about what we assume to be true of this reality. The quest for Truth is a rare path – in a world that collectively affirms death and attachment to falsehood. In many ways, Truth is dangerous in this dimension, as well as often being not welcome, as my life-story will illustrate. Nevertheless the spiritual work is to aspire toward Truth in every moment of our lives and face our adversaries with awareness and forgiveness so that Truth may ultimately prevail. 

Whether it will prevail on Earth or not is an open question – yet what really matters is individual transformation. This book is for those who understand the importance of working on themselves first, knowing that the developmental learning progress of humanity will find a perfect way to higher understanding - whatever that path may necessitate.

The Life Story of Spiritual Master is part of his Complete Life Work.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Spiritual Master Free Spirit is the author of 5 rare literary works including Keys to Immortality, The Life Story of Spiritual Master Free Spirit and The Voyager Masterpiece (The Ultimate Ascension Guide) containing refined spiritual wisdom in relation to transcending the Karmic Reincarnational Cycle and moving on to a higher level of existence beyond the human condition (Ascension).