Keys to Immortality - Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Spiritual Master Free Spirit is a Visitor to this dimension from the Immortal Worlds of Source. In this book - his third work, he shares profound multi-dimensional spiritual wisdom that has been imparted to him through a deep and profound loving relationship with Intergalactic Star Beings.

In Keys to Immortality, he writes of the Earth Cleansing and the imminent Karmic Crisis as our planet becomes re-aligned to the Galactic Central Sun. This book is a call for Souls to urgently prepare to leave this dimension - so as to avoid catastrophe and death.

Though advanced karmic healing processes, Pineal Detoxification, dream-work and Astral Travel, Free Spirit has been able to puncture the veils of time and space to visit realms of indescribable beauty and wisdom, billions of light years away - realms that provide sanctuary at the time of biosphere collapse.

From the Introduction to Keys to Immortality 

As the 3-D world begins to crumble, its limitations become obvious and humanity awakens to the reality that the dream in this dimension is over.

It then becomes time to begin anew in another realm of being. In the intensity of the collapse and dissolution of the old world, profound awakening and realization can be had. In the midst of chaos, we can come to re-evaluate the meaning of our lives and we find that reality itself is not what it seems. 

What we thought was real was nothing other than a dream created by our own minds. We can then find we have the power to dream ourselves into a more pleasant and harmonious vibration of being. Death too, is seen as nothing other than a self-created limitation that is no longer real for us.

In the exploration of reality, we find that we are intricately connected with Creation and that we are the architect of our own dreams. The awakening to our dream-bodies reveals to us the existence of other dimensions – beyond time and space – that are ultimately more real than here and that will provide the only real refuge once the collapse beings.

Many people fear collapse for they have no awareness of what lies beyond the veils of this world. The collapse stands to take away everything and leave nothing in its place. Those who find it within themselves to awaken to who they really are have the power to dream themselves a new reality and be spared the chaos of the collapse.

Earth cleansings and Ascension Cycles are nothing new in the history of the planet. The legends of Atlantis, the disappearance of the Mayans and the account of the Great Flood and Noah’s Ark – all point to regular collapses of civilizations. Populations reach their zenith and then collapse upon themselves or are destroyed by huge and cataclysmic Earth changes.

In all instances, awakened seers come to warn the population and encourage them to make changes. Those who heeded the message invariably were able to save themselves. Those who were saved did not die, but instead were teleported or ascended into higher dimensional spheres of existence within the Earth and beyond. Those who listened found their own Truth and found sanctuary from the cleansing of everything on the Earth that became too separated from Source to be able to remain.

These cleansings and the associated deaths are never due to a punishment from God, but instead are the final result of remaining in a state of Divine Separation. In the end, it is a compassionate resolution to situations that would otherwise spiral out of control and cause suffering to spread throughout the Universe. It is nothing other than a cleansing of the illusions – and everything that is of Truth and of Source remains intact.

Many people are not ready to accept the truth of what will come to this world because of fear. Fear keeps us bound to the power of our illusions and prevents us from awakening to reason and our all-powerful intelligent Inner Light. Those who face their fears come to an obvious realization that things are to change on Earth and that the illusions of fear cannot remain for ever.

This book is intended as a powerful work for those who already know and see to some extent, and who are ready to put their fears aside to complete the journey of awakening. They will want to cleanse and heal because they have decided for themselves that they are ready for a new future – of intimate connection with Source and all the spiritual rewards that come from that restored relationship.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Spiritual Master Free Spirit is the author of 5 rare literary works including Keys to Immortality, The Life Story of Spiritual Master Free Spirit and The Voyager Masterpiece (The Ultimate Ascension Guide) containing refined spiritual wisdom in relation to transcending the Karmic Reincarnational Cycle and moving on to a higher level of existence beyond the human condition (Ascension).