5 Truths about Near Term Human Extinction

I find myself incarnated here on a dying world. For the last 10 years I have always known in the depths of my being that humanity will experience an earthly end in my lifetime. The biosphere of the planet that has given rise to the experience of my life has become degraded to the point where I will in all likelihood not see old age. Before my life reaches what would otherwise be its ordinary and expected natural end, I may be a witness to near term human extinction, the loss of the planetary biosphere and the end of humanity.

Such an awareness has taught me much about how life continues throughout the Universe as well as the importance of love.

Without a strong anchor in love for humanity, no-one can possibly contemplate the end of humanity without experiencing an extreme existential crisis. Without a strong grounding in love and wisdom, contemplation of such matters is not so helpful. However, for those that can handle the truth – contemplating and reflecting upon humanity’s end may not be such a bad thing after all – and for advanced level students, such contemplation can enable one to have a direct experience of Source (The God-head), upon which the student can understand the causes for such a scenario and in time free themselves from the karma of humanity.

Here are five truths about Near Term Human Extinction:-

1. The chances are that Near Term Human Extinction is far more likely than most people would believe.

This is because such a concept is offensive to the ego. Anyone that is overly attached to the physical condition or the stories of their human lives will be pre-programmed to deny such a truth. Thus many people cannot possibly understand the gravity of the situation and it is understandably so. It is far too big a matter and without spiritual practice, there is no way to handle that realization.
near term human extinction

So, humanity as a whole lives in denial about the situation and has done for some time, whilst continuing to increase its population and consumption of the Earth’s natural resources.

Yet the evidence of an uncontrolled and exponential growth in human population speaks for itself (as per the diagram to the right). Humans have overshot the carrying capacity of the Earth in an almost incomprehensible and mind-boggling manner. It is very unlikely that humanity can sustain itself in this manner, and the possibility of interstellar travel to other planets is too far away to be useful.

Thus the human race is ‘Earthbound’, on a sphere that is experiencing borderline catastrophic climate change disruption and has no means to reverse the climate change in time to avoid catastrophe.

So the majority of the human race ignores the matter – nevertheless, ignoring a problem does not make it go away. That which is unaddressed simply compounds itself beneath the surface of the human psyche. Many are too afraid to see the Truth (and understandably so) – and so business as usual for humanity continues whilst the biosphere continues to become ever more degraded.

2. Near Term Human Extinction is far more likely to be caused by humans rather than by an external trigger such as an asteroid strike.

This is because firstly asteroid strikes and similar cosmic catastrophes (comet impacts, supernovas, etc) happen only very infrequently over very large time scales (as in several million or more years).

Secondly, humanity needs no external nemesis because it has enough internal ones in the form of tipping points, overshoot and the fact that the ethical and moral evolution of humanity has lagged dangerously behind modern day technological and industrial expansion.

When the lag becomes too great, disharmony with nature is inevitable and thus a collapse of the biosphere ensues – simply due to humanity’s abuse of it.

There are also several tipping points that can potentially cause a near term human extinction within a 5-15 year timescale. I would be very surprised indeed to see the human race make it to 2025 unscathed.

Imminent catastrophic triggers include the melting of the Arctic  and subsequent massive methane releases (more in section 3) and the effects of Fukashima (plutonium cores leaking into the sea, slowly but surely killing off all marine life).

There is also the risk of a general intensifying of climate disruption to the point of causing massive crop failures on a global level as well as runaway sea level rises which could see 5-20 metres of sea level rise in as many years which would mean inundations of all coastal cities planetwide and the onset of societal chaos.

3. A species that melts its polar cap cannot hope to survive on that world for long!

Many times of late in visions have I seen a Star Being with a wand pointing to the Pole communicating that humanity has melted the Earth’s northern polar ice-cap and that this will bring humanity’s end.  The Being tries to impress upon me its implications and then I understand.

A polar cap has a purpose in nature, to regulate temperature, ocean currents and atmospheric circulation. To cause its melting is to remove a MASSIVE regulatory mechanism that as we will see, prevents methane from being released prematurely. Methane is the product of very old decaying matter (plants and trees from long ago) and is trapped predominantly within several meters of the surface in the Arctic Tundra and in the form of frozen methane hydrates on the Arctic sea bed.

It is ordinarily locked into permafrost and thus is held in an inert state. Only global warming (or an asteroid striking the sea bed) can release what otherwise would be held safely by nature. There are billions of tonnes of methane stored there. It is at least 20x more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas and most importantly amplifies warming dramatically in the short term. Thus the fuss about CO2 is insignificant in the face of methane leaks.

If just a small amount (say 1-2%) was released it would amount to many times humanity’s emissions to date (since the start of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century). Larger releases would turn this planet into a Venus like world (400c temperature, boiled off seas, acid rain, unbreathable atmosphere and perpetual clouds) and within a timescale of 100 years or less. In the shorter term, the methane in the permafrost is already leaking. Huge blowholes appear from time to time, occurring when trapped methane melts and then explodes creating a huge crater.

More and more of them are appearing, both on land and in the sea. The leaking cannot be stopped, simply because there is a lag between emissions and warming and thus humanity is already committed to a 3-4 degree warming (currently at around 1 degree).

In a 3-4 degree world, most of the methane melts and humanity dies. The trouble is that the North Pole has already warmed by 3-4 degrees (ahead of the rest of the planet). The warming has occurred where the methane is and the disappearance of the sea ice (from 2016 onwards) will certainly increase methane melt on the seabed.

This is really bad news for humanity for this is indicative of a rapidly destabilizing pole. Vast amounts of methane could be released at any time. Methane releases in the Arctic Tundra (on land) cause regional warmings and a dispersal of greenhouse gas methane throughout the atmosphere. This is already happening and methane emissions are spiking.

There is enough methane in the melting Tundra permafrost alone to end all life here.

4. Geoengineering is not such a bad thing! 

Some readers will be thinking humanity could get away with it by geoengineering. Such efforts to date include spraying aluminium sulfate and barium compounds into the air (chem-trails), trying to seed clouds, tampering with sea chemistry and similar such ill-thought out experiments. The results include the mass destruction of sea life (there are already many vast dead-zones in the ocean), unpredictable side-effects (such as warming and weather disruptions) and toxic overloads of the rain, soil and rivers that will ultimately contribute to crop failures, mass sickness and destruction of ecological systems planet-wide.

Without going into conspiracy theories (for such a thing is unnecessary), the truth is very simple.

The world leaders knew it was far worse than we were led to believe and started sanctioning geoengineering in order to buy time on the quiet. It would not have done so for no good reason and the conventional climate predictions would not have required geoengineering to have started some years ago. It can be concluded there is a serious problem that is being masked. In all likelihood, they are trying to cool the North Pole albeit with no success. Methane emissions cannot be stopped or offset in any manner. Humanity does not have the means (or the energy requirements) to refreeze the Tundra and the Arctic Ocean by means of technology.

Thus regardless of its toxic effects on life (which of course is harmful and which I do not advocate generally), it could be seen that geoengineering has given more time to a species that it otherwise would not have had, although it could be said that the same species would do well to use that time to repair the damage.

Had geoengineering not started, it is possible that humanity would already be experiencing wide-scale die-offs.

This is all useful time for people to make good their relationship with their Higher Self, their loved ones and to arrive at a deeper understanding.

Thus hating those that do geoengineering may not be so conducive to a deeper grounding in love. Something done could be seen to be better than nothing at all!

5. There is a way out!

Readers having got to this point will understand that there are two options. Either to accept fate and thus resign oneself to the fact that there is no way out of the dilemma (and thus to carry on as normal) or to look toward leaving the Earth.

Logic would determine that leaving the Earth is the only option if one is to avoid being a witness to massive human suffering on a global scale.

There are many other worlds that are habitable and there are means to get there that many humans are not able to understand. Given that leaving the Earth cannot happen in the near-term (the nearest habitable worlds are at least 50 light years away and current spacecraft even if they could endure the whole journey, would take almost a million years to get there) – one must look to matters of metaphysics and the transcendance of time and space to become open to other possibilities.

My most recent book Voyager – A Gateway to the Stars – is a transmission of extremely high-level understanding – most suited for Starseeds, those who astral travel regularly and those aligned to Spiritual Mastery and Ascension.

There is much of its culture, its way of thinking, its history and the experience of its collapse that must be preserved in some way in order that those experiences are returned to the God-head.  If all was wiped out, or if ascending humans forgot about Earth – everything that has ever happened on this Earth would be a total waste and there is not enough time in the Universe for similar species to keep reincarnating blind without any awareness anywhere within their Source awareness about past experiences that its brethren of the Godhead once had.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Spiritual Master Free Spirit is the author of 5 rare literary works including Keys to Immortality, The Life Story of Spiritual Master Free Spirit and The Voyager Masterpiece (The Ultimate Ascension Guide) containing refined spiritual wisdom in relation to transcending the Karmic Reincarnational Cycle and moving on to a higher level of existence beyond the human condition (Ascension).